+How do I enter the Contest?
+Why isn’t my PIN working?
+When should I submit my entry if I want to be entered into the Grand Prize draw?
+What if I submit my entry after May 31, 2020, at 11:59 pm EDT?
+What are the prizes for this promotion?
+How many prizes could I win?
+How will I know if I’m the Grand Prize winner?
+How will I know if I’m an Instant Prize winner?
+I am having trouble viewing certain pages of the site. What should I do?
+I have a question about the product, who can I contact?
+Where can I buy these specially-marked four (4) or twelve (12) pack bundles of KD?
+How are the Instant Prize winners selected?
+How is the Grand Prize winner selected?
+Where are the 2020 NHL Awards?
+What if I win the Grand Prize to the 2020 NHL Awards in Las Vegas but do not have a passport?
+What do you do with my information?